Moving from Belgium to Spain and the Canary Islands

An international move is no easy task.  Many details need to be considered before, during and after the trip.

In addition to the formalities around changing your address, you will need to obtain permits to live and work in Spain. Contact the Spanish Embassy as soon as possible and they will provide all the necessary information.

You will also need to take care of your belongings: planning to pack your personal effects, packing your furniture and delivering them to your new accommodation or workspace. Are you about to move from Belgium to Spain or the Canary Islands? Turn to a specialist company to lighten the load!



How to make your move from Belgium to Spain a success?


Let’s face it – a move can be a wonderful thing, but it also can cause a lot of stress! It is the reason why you can contact our company which specialises in international moves, to lighten the load.


The advantages of a company that specialises in international moves


Please note that several service providers will be needed to organise your international move. The language barrier may complicate things.

By contacting a professional, you benefit from valuable assistance when organising your departure. And experience.


How do you choose your partner ?


In order to avoid issues, focus on three key criteria.

The first is the services offered by the company: do the services offered satisfy your needs when it comes to your international move?

The second is the company’s reputation. Always check that the company has not received negative reviews. By doing this, you will avoid certain problems.

The third is the availability of the moving company. By choosing a responsive company like MULTITRA, you will save time and money!

MULTITRA is the perfect partner for your move to Spain, thanks to its more than twenty years of experience in the transport and logistics sector!

In fact, we can provide step-by-step guidance.
The detailed inventory of your furniture will allow us to provide the most appropriate vehicle. Furthermore, we can also take care of:

  • Administrative and customs formalities concerning the shipment;
  • Packaging your goods (protecting your furniture, packing in boxes and on pallets).
  • Loading and handling.


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