Worldwide transportation

Multitra: bespoke international transport solutions

Multitra is a leading international transport company specialising in the provision of logistics solutions on a global scale. For more than 25 years, Multitra has helped its customers achieve their commercial goals by offering goods transport, supply chain management, warehousing and distribution services worldwide.

Today, the MULTITRA group is:




A logistics platform spanning over 6,000 m2 including 2,000 m2 of secure warehouses;


Twenty highly qualified and experienced employees who offer solutions adapted to every need in terms of lead terms and budgets.


An efficient international transport company

We offer a broad range of transport services to meet our customers’ needs worldwide. Our services include land transport, air and sea freight, river freight and special transport. Thanks to our vast network of partner carriers, we’re able to offer flexible and tailored transport options to meet the specific needs of every customer. Customers can be sure that their goods will be delivered quickly, efficiently and securely to their final destination.


Multitra: your partner for international transport

We’ve extended our scope of action throughout Europe and the world, in an aim to provide the best service to our customers. Our commitment to quality of service is present in all the goods transport services that we offer, whether for partial batches or full loads, to meet your needs.


General cargo transport and secure service

MULTITRA is a company specialising in transport and logistics that offers a secure service for all types of goods. Whether you need to deliver industrial goods, non-perishable foodstuffs, furniture or even certain hazardous materials, MULTITRA will take charge of their transport on pallets, in big-bags or through conventional and other transport.


Express transport worldwide

For urgent shipments to Belgium and Europe, we also offer an express transport service. We can organise road transport within 24 hours, with direct delivery for all your loads on time. We can also make deliveries worldwide, irrespective of the type of goods.


Special transport

MULTITRA is your partner for special international transport. We’re able to take charge of your outsize equipment thanks to our dedicated service and know-how, and we have a large outsourced fleet of vehicles to transport indivisible, heavy and over-sized items and machines.


Events transport and logistics

Finally, we offer an events transport and logistics service for trade fairs, etc. We’re the partner of choice for all professionals in B2B events in Europe and worldwide.


Supply chain management

Multitra specialises in supply chain management and works in close collaboration with its customers to design tailored logistics solutions to meet their needs. The company offers planning, coordination, monitoring and control services to optimise its customers’ supply, production, storage and distribution processes. Thanks to its skills and experience, Multitra is able to solve the most complex supply chain challenges that its customers face.


Warehousing and distribution

Multitra outsources to a global network of warehousing and distribution hubs to store and distribute its customers’ goods. These warehousing hubs are equipped with cutting-edge technologies to guarantee the safety and protection of goods. Multitra also offers distribution services to meet its clients’ needs, including delivery services by appointment, shop distribution and direct delivery to the end customer.


Cutting-edge technology

Multitra is a global logistics leader offering bespoke international transport solutions to meet its customers’ needs. The company is recognised for its supply chain management expertise, its cutting-edge technology and its global network of partner carriers. Multitra is the ideal partner for companies that seek to optimise their supply chain and achieve their sales objectives.




What types of goods can you transport?

At Multitra, we’re able to transport all sorts of goods, including industrial materials, non-perishable foodstuffs, furniture or even certain hazardous materials.


Do you offer express transport services?

Yes, we offer an express transport service for urgent shipments in Belgium, Europe and worldwide. We can organise road transport within the shortest lead times, with direct delivery for all your loads on time.


Can you take care of special transport?

Yes, we specialise in special transport. We have a large outsourced fleet of vehicles to transport indivisible, heavy and over-sized items as well as machines.


Do you offer events transport and logistics?

Yes, we’re a partner of choice for B2B events transport and logistics, offering transport services for trade fairs, etc. in Europe and worldwide.


How can I request a quote?

You can contact us directly via the CONTACT page on our website or by phone to request a quote for your international transport and logistics needs. We’d be delighted to provide you with a quote personalised to your needs.


More informations

Efficient sea and river freight

Efficient special transport from A to Z

Efficient road transport

Bespoke air freight


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Road transport

Physical distribution
Part loads
Full loads
Heavy lift and oversized transports

Sea freight

Global care (door/door) with or without transit in Belgium:

  • Pick-up ex-factory
  • Pre-carriage
  • On board delivery
  • Sea freight
  • On-carriage up to final site
  • All customs and administrative formalities

Kind of services

  • FCL (Full Container Loads)
  • LCL (Less than Container Loads)
  • Conventional

Air freight

Air freight to and from any airport

Global  door/door with or without transit in Belgium :

  • Pick-up ex-factory
  • Pre-carriage
  • On board delivery
  • Air freight
  • Delivery to final site
  • All customs and administrative formalities


Small parcels / express

Special transports

Regardless of the weight or dimensions of the cargo, MULTITRA offers a solution in terms of handling and transportation.

This section illustrates some of our achievements in oversized transports.


MULTITRA offers its know-how and support in all operations required for the smooth running of your shipments:

  • Customs
  • Documentation (letters of credit, bill of lading, licenses, …)
  • «All risks » cargo insurance
  • Handling
  • Expertise and consulting