Logistics company

Multitra: Your logistics solutions expert

With vast experience in the industry and an in-depth understanding of logistical challenges, Multitra has established itself as a major player in the logistics field. Our services are designed to optimise efficiency, reduce costs and guarantee that your goods reach their destination in total safety and on time.

Supply chain optimisation

Efficient supply chain management is at the heart of any successful logistics operation. At Multitra, we rely on advanced technology and unparalleled expertise to optimise your supply chain. We commit to improving visibility, reducing delays and minimising disruption, thereby guaranteeing a smooth and efficient supply chain.

Stock management and warehousing

One of the crucial aspects of logistics is stock management and warehousing. Multitra offers highly secure and flexible warehousing solutions to meet a variety of needs. Our stock management system uses cutting-edge technology to guarantee the accurate tracking of your products, while our warehousing facilities are equipped to store a wide range of goods, from hazardous products (ADR) to items of high value.

Transport and distribution

At Multitra, we understand that transport is more than just a simple question of conveying goods from point A to point B. It means guaranteeing that your products reach their respective destinations safely, efficiently and on time. To ensure this, we offer a comprehensive range of transport solutions, from local distribution to international shipping.

Customised logistics services

Each company is unique and has specific logistical needs. That is why Multitra offers completely customisable logistics services. We work in close collaboration with our customers to understand their unique needs and develop tailored transport solutions that correspond specifically to their goals.

Customs management and compliance

Navigating through the complexities of customs regulations may be a challenge for many companies. Multitra has a team of customs experts who take care of all the customs formalities, ensuring that your goods cross borders without a hitch.

Technological integration

In an increasingly digitalised world, technological integration has become an integral part of logistics. At Multitra, we use the latest technologies to improve the efficiency of our logistical operations.

Sustainability and environmental responsibility

As a major player in the logistics sector, Multitra is fully aware of its impact on the environment. We strive to adopt sustainable practices in all our operations. This involves using a large photovoltaic installation, greening our automotive fleet, optimising our journeys, thoroughly sorting our rubbish, reducing waste, etc. Multitra takes its environmental responsibility very seriously.  By choosing Multitra, you’re choosing a logistics partner that not only cares about your company’s success but also our planet’s health.

Multitra is not just a logistics service provider but a real partner for your company. We’re committed to providing logistics solutions that meet your needs, improve efficiency and contribute to your company’s success. With Multitra, you can be assured that your logistics operations are in safe, expert hands.