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Terms and conditions

All MULTITRA and MULTITRA LOGISTICS services are subject to the Belgian general shipping conditions of 2005.

The text of these conditions was published in the annex to the Belgian Monitor of June 24, 2005 under number 0090237 and is available on request. It can also be viewed online in image mode: see the text here

Our invoices are strictly payable when due.

Any complaint must be made by registered mail within 8 days.

Invoices not paid by the due date will automatically bear interest of 10% per annum, as well as a contractual indemnity of 10%. Late payment interest is due automatically, automatically and without prior notice, upon maturity of the invoice.

In the event of a dispute, the courts of Verviers have sole jurisdiction.

MULTITRA Sud services are subject to our general conditions of logistics services: see the text here