Algeria – Tax identification number on the Customs Manifest

Please note that as from 1st September 2015, all cargo shipments to or from Algeria have to mention the TIN (Tax Identification Number) on their cargo manifest.

This new rule has been established by the Customs in their Circular nr 1179/DGD/SP/D081/2015.

Therefore we invite you to acquire this TIN from your Algerian supplier/consignee and to provide us with this number for all your shipments to and from Algeria so as to avoid any delay at the Algerian port.

Do not hesitate to contact MULTITRA for further information.

Import containers in India : trade weight control

The Indian Government has implemented a weight control of import containers into India.

In accordance with Chennai Customs instruction the Chennai port has installed a weighting machine and started to weight the import containers.

This new procedure is implemented and will be strictly respected for all shipments to India, because:

– Customs penalty likely to be very high due wrong weight declaration
– Port terminal expenses

We draw your attention to the importance of correct weight declaration in general.  The correct weight needs to be given for each of your bookings.

The shipper is responsible for Customs fines, issues and delay in cargo release, in case of weight discrepancies.  These fines will be in such case debited to the freight paying party.

For any question do not hesitate to contact us.