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Russian measures for TIR and transit movements

The Russian Federal Customs Service (FCS) has confirmed the termination of its agreement with the national guaranteeing association for TIR operations in the Russian Federation since 1 December 2013.

The TIR Convention cannot be applied in a territory which is not covered by a national guaranteeing association. That means that it will no longer be possible to use TIR carnets for goods to be directly transported to or from Russia.

For transit operations in the EU territory, only the EU transit procedure can be used.

For goods crossing Russia, the TIR carnet can be used in other contracting parties to the TIR Convention concerned by such movements. However, the application of TIR procedure will be suspended according to Article 26 of the TIR Convention while the goods move in Russia.

The EU operators are therefore advised to take into account the need for different transit procedures in the EU and in Russia for transports of goods to and from Russia.

For customs transit procedure in the EU, further information is available from the dedicated web page of the European Commission or via the information centres of the EU Member States.

Please consult the website of FCS ( in Russian or in English) or contact the Russian authorities should you need more information on how the new situation should be handled.  (References made to ‘the Customs Union’ (or ‘CU’) shall be understood as
referring to the Customs Union agreement between Belarus, Kazakhstan and
the Russian Federation.)

(1) Based on information received from FCS by 27 November 2013, 12.00 GMT

Source : European Commission

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