MULTITRA, organization of international transport and corporate logistics

Our company’s history

03/2017 : Second participation in the International Exhibition IWA OUTDOOR CLASSICS – Nürnberg.

01/2017 : Turnover reaches EUR 11 500 000 and the staff counts 23 people.

11/2016 : Commissioning of the new facilities and the new sensitive activity.

06/2016 : New warehouse rose from the ground.  See photos here.

03/2016 : Participation as exhibitor in the International Exhibition IWA OUTDOOR CLASSICS – Nürnberg.

02/2015 : Launching of the project to build another entirely secured warehouse of 2000 sqm for sensitive goods.

11/2014 : Three new people joined MULTITRA sprl & MULTITRA Logistics team on a full-time basis.

08/2014 : Creation of MULTITRA LOGISTICS

01/2014 : MULTITRA invests in a data processing software.  This will enable an accurate analysis of the market rates in road, sea and air shipments.

01/2013 : Hiring of a new Financial and H. R. manager.

12/2012 : Turnover for 2012 reaches EUR 9.900 million.

01/2012 : Implementation of a new integrated management software (ERP).

11/2011 : Launch of the new website.

10/2011 : Installation of a photovoltaic power station with a capacity of 75 kWp, 326 solar panels. Multitra “goes green” and acquires its electrical autonomy.

12/2010 : Turnover reaches EUR 7.037 million and the staff counts 15 people, including four storekeepers.

12/2009 : Implementation of a new software of inventory management by bar codes and wireless system.

05/2009 : Commissioning of new facilities. MULTITRA is now operating 4000 sqm of heated warehouses and an office space of more than 500 sqm.

09/2007 : Acquirement of a new plot of 5500 sqm  in response to the development of corporate logistics.

01/2005 : Strengthening the team and developing the business by hiring from one to two people each year.

03/2004 : Launch of the website

09/2002 : Establishment in the business park “Les Plénesses” in B-4821 Andrimont, on a plot of 3000 sqm.

11/2001 : Setting-up of the service “Outsourcing”.

12/1998 : Hiring of the first paid staff.

08/1998 : Establishment of MULTITRA sprl in B-4801 Stembert.