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Airfreight security – about the « Known Consignor »

Regarding the airfreight security your regulated airfreight agent partner will no longer be authorized to accept your freight as safe shipment even if you have signed a “Known consignor” before the 29th of April 2010.  Since the 29th of April 2013 you have to obtain the Known Consignor status at the BCAA (Belgian Civil Aviation Authority).

It means that for your air shipments you actually have 2 options :

  1. You can make  a request to  BCAA to obtain your Known Consignor Status
  2. You can decide not to have this status but you accept to submit all your shipments to an additional screening before the boarding

May we draw your attention on the strict requirements that you have to reach to become “Known Consignor” (for a period of 5 years).  For examples:

– Your airfreight has to be stored in a secured airfreight warehouse;
– You have to describe the security measures you have made for your airfreight warehouse;
– The access to your secured airfreight warehouse has to be controlled;
– Only your qualified staff on this matter will be authorized to access to your secured warehouse;
– This staff will be submitted to a prior job control;
– You have to  nominate at least a Security Officer for each secured airfreight warehouse, this Officer will check the strict fulfillment of the security measures regarding your airfreight;
–  Only a regulated agent will be able to ship your airfreight and to access to your secured warehouse;
– You have to declare that you agree without notice inspections from an Inspector of BCAA.

As soon as your company reaches all the requirements you have to contact BCAA for an on-site verification before obtaining your Known Consignor status.

If you choose the second way (to submit your airfreight to additional screening) a surcharge will be invoiced.  Actually the fee varies between 0.10 EUR and 0.15 EUR / kg depending on airlines and screening methods.  You also should take into account that your air shipment would meet possible delay in transit time due to the volume of airfreight and the available screening capacity.

MULTITRA remains at your disposal for advice and information.

Do not hesitate to contact us !

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